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How to Remove Tan from Hands and Face

Remove Tan from Hands and Face

While you wait for the summer season eagerly, so that you can wear your tank tops and shorts with ease, the tan marks on your hands and face kind of spoils the party. Before you reach midsummer, you have already turned several shades darker. Yes, we know you didn’t leave your home without the sunscreen, but still ended up with tanned skin. So, is there any way to get rid of those tan marks really quick? Luckily, yes.

Find out how you can remove the tan marks fast and the good thing is you don’t even require to make a serious dent in your pocket to buy some exotic cream to minimize tan marks. All you need is a few fresh ingredients from your kitchen, a hair band (to keep your hair getting spoiled with the messy concoctions) a little of your time and you are good to go. Before plunging headlong into making some effective home remedies to pamper your skin, let’s find out how you can take care of your skin while you apply these packs on your skin. Take note of these easy-to-follow tips and watch your skin radiate with a never-seen-before glow!

How to Remove Tan from Hands and Face

  • Always apply sunscreen before you leave your home.
  • Keep your sunnies and scarves handy to cover the bare parts of your skin.
  • Drink plenty of water. ( just to get that glow)
  • Hydration is a must so slather on some moisturizer, generously.
  • Never sleep with makeup Cleanse your skin before you hit the sack. (just to get great skin, follow the CTM route, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing)
  • As soon as you have a tan, start applying these homemade miracle remedies to get faster results.

How to Remove Tan from Hands and Face – Some Effective Remedies

So, if you are really looking forward to visiting that much-awaited beach holiday, here is how you can take care of your skin, remove tan marks and get that beautiful glow, all in a day’s work! The perfect answer to the question, how to remove tan from hands and face, is trying these effective face packs and watch your face transform completely.

  • Honey and Lemon Juice

Honey and Lemon Juice to remove tan from face and handsThe combination of honey and lemon juice works like a dream. Honey because of its moisturizing properties (find the raw, unfiltered variety) and the natural bleaching effects of lemon juice. A tablespoon of lemon juice and teaspoon of honey is all you need to make this extremely effective tan removing concoction. Apply it on your face, keep it for at least 15-20 minutes to work its magic! In a few days’ time, you will be able to flaunt not only a skin free of tan but also a glowing skin!

  • Turmeric and Curd

Turmeric and Curd to remove tan from face and handsTurmeric is used in Indian households for its health-boosting properties and to help make your skin glow with unmatched luminosity. Indian brides and grooms have a haldi day before their marriage to get that beautiful glow. They are generously smeared with haldi and the result is astounding, to say the least. This pack is not only to get that elusive glow but also lighten the skin and marks on the skin. Bride or not you can still steal this secret and remove your tan and get great skin in the bargain!

Here is what you need to do, use the raw turmeric, it always works the best. Grind a small amount of raw turmeric with a tablespoon of curd. Add a teaspoon of honey to combat the dryness of your skin and apply liberally all over your skin, including your face and hands. Do this at least twice a week for a markedly improved skin texture.

  • Gram Flour and Curd

Gram Flour and Curd to remove tan from face and handsAnother useful ingredient from the kitchen and one which can literally remove your tan n a few weeks’ time provided you are consistent with your efforts. It sloughs off dead skin cells and reveals a spotless radiant skin.

Mix a tablespoon of gram flour with two teaspoons of curd. Blend it well with honey and a pinch of powdered turmeric or raw turmeric and apply it all over your face and the bare areas of your skin. As soon as the paste dries off to wash it off with rose water. Regular use of this pack will reduce the tan marks to a great extent.

  • Tomato and Curd

Tomato and CurdTomato has great bleaching properties and hence works as a natural sunscreen. It also prevents sunburn minimizes the skin damage and is a skin elixir as it can treat numerous skin issues. Not to forget that envy-inducing luster it never fails to impart to your skin.

Mix the tomato pulp with a tablespoon of curd and a teaspoon of honey. Blend it all together and apply it to your face and neck. Let the mixture dry off and wash it off with water. Regular usage of this pack enhances your complexion and helps get rid of tan marks.

  • Orange Peel Powder and Lentil

Orange Peel Powder and Lentil to remove tan from face and handsDo not throw away the orange peel after you devoured the orange. Instead, dry it out in the sun till it hardens and grinds, it in the blender. It works as a natural scrub and works like magic on tan lines especially when blended with curd or yogurt and yellow lentil paste. This is a traditional remedy and it worked at the time when there were no readily available solutions in the form of expensive jars and bottles. This pack still works like a dream. Try it!

Soak yellow lentils overnight and then grind it in a blender in the morning. Blend it with one teaspoon orange peel powder. Add yogurt or curd to the mixture till you get a slightly thickish paste. Add a teaspoon of turmeric and honey to the mixture and apply it liberally all over your face and hands. Once it gets dry, slough it off with rose water. Tan marks, what tan marks? Yes, this is the magic remedy that always works. It has worked for my grandmother, and it works for me now and I bet it will work for you too!

So, go out enjoy your beach holiday to the hilt and once you head back home, these kitchen remedies will help you get rid of your tan marks real quick. What’s stopping you from trying these out?

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