Asking for a Friend: How to Wear Black and Brown

‘Asking for a Friend’ is our style advice series.

One of the great lies men are told about dressing is not to mix black with brown. The same warning is often issued for navy with black. This is not-good advice! These colors look good together and you should do what looks right to you.

We especially encourage mixing black and brown. Coming off the streetwear trend in recent years of high-contrast black and white combos, substituting brown for white offers a relaxing change of pace.

In the outfit above, you may notice a new silhouette of pants: baggy. It’s a bit of a fashion killa move, but if you want to dress like our fashion hero Josh Peskowitz, you’ll give it a whirl.

Check out more new silhouettes and outfit inspiration below: you’ll find tapered pants, ideas for how to layer up top, and plenty of black and brown.

If you’re drawn to all-black outfits, here’s a monochromatic-feeling fit that isn’t monochromatic at all: brown dress pants tailored with no break, worn with black shoes; mock neck layered under a knit polo to combine two adjacent colors on the wheel; black Stutterheim raincoat. It’s what you’re used to – with a twist.


Another new silhouette for you: the huge sweatshirt. It’s comfy in there! Wear it with a buttoned-up shirt left untucked, tapered pants, and vaguely military shoes – such as these Common Projects, which our stylist Brenna Carlson says are the best high tops ever. Ever!



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