Just Relax: 10 Things That Are Helping Us Chill Right Now

10 Things to Find Your Chill

As we’re about to enter the most wonderful time of the year (and the busiest, the most expensive, and the booziest) we’d like to take this moment to remind you to take care of yourself. Although shopping for and pampering ourselves is rarely a struggle, sometimes the things we consume aren’t that good for us. Instead of the popular exhortation to treat yourself, this season we’re calling on you to take care of yourself. To help, here are a few of the fun ways we’re finding our chill.

Sonoma lavender slippers

Sonoma Lavender lilac dot footies

Our feet really take a beating. Pamper your underappreciated peds with the soothing scent of lavender. These footies come outfitted with aromatic inserts that can be chilled or warmed to improve your circulation and ease your aching muscles.

Laura Mercier Fig Honey bath milk

Laura Mercier fresh fig honey bath

A foam party for one! This luxury honey bath from French beauty expert Laura Mercier is a truly relaxing indulgence. Use the wand to drop the intoxicating emulsion into your bath for mental and physical rejuvenation. While calming your mind, the frothy suds nourish your skin with shea butter, macadamia nut-oil derivatives, fig extracts, oat proteins and Pro-Vitamin B-5.
Missoni wool throwMissoni Tiziano wool throw blanket

How about adding a little glamour to your couch-potato routine? Relaxing on the sofa is a popular way to unwind, but doing it without feeling like a slob involves the right accoutrements. This cheerful Missoni throw brings the Italian fashion house right into your home. Imagine binge-watching The Deuce while draped in this designer beauty.

Serene House Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aromatherapy diffuser

Serene House ultrasonic cool mist aromatherapy diffuser

Who says techie gadgets can’t soothe the senses? This electric diffuser has all the bells and whistles to create a really relaxing experience. Simply add water plus your essential oil, then turn on this charming ceramic mister, which doubles as a light and has a timer you can set for 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

HUM Nutrition Raw Beauty

HUM Nutrition raw beauty powder

When we’re too busy to think about lunch, we pull this superfood powder out of our desk drawer. Mix it with a liquid (we like almond milk) and drink up. It’s not exactly a scoop of mint chocolate chip, but it’s tasty. And the results are noticeable. Not only do we feel full, we get an energy boost, all while imbibing a ton of nutrients and healthy adaptogens.
Silks mask and pillow case

slip for beauty sleep pink collection (Nordstrom Exclusive)

A beauty boost that’s as easy as aiming our face at our pillow? Sign us up! This silk face mask and pillowcase from slip are helping us get some z’s, all while protecting our complexions and preventing hair tangles, which saves us time in the morning. Life is messy. Sleep shouldn’t be.

Tata Harper Stress Treatment

Tata Harper Skincare aromatics stress treatment

A little of this goes a long way toward unwinding the mind. Tata Harper’s all-natural tonics have a cult following. There’s something about her blends that’s a bit more efficacious than usual aromatherapy oils. Plus carrying one of these in our purses always gives us a reason to stop and take some calming breaths.

Cook Yourself Happy
Cook Yourself Happy: The Danish Way cookbook

The Danish baroness and reality TV star Caroline Fleming is a proponent of healthy living. An adherent of the alkaline diet craze, Fleming’s foods focus heavily on fruits and veggies. Since the Danes are known to be some of the happiest people on the planet—and Fleming’s own Instagram looks pretty fabulous—we’re giving her Scandinavian home cooking a spin. So far, we’re all smiles.

Nike French terry hoodie

Nike women’s modern pullover hoodie

There’s nothing that compares to the cocoon-like comfort of a hoodie. And this color-block Nike pullover is made from French-terry cotton, so it’s extra soft. Bonus: it has pockets.

Aveda Chakra Body Mist

Aveda chakra 5 balancing body mist

Aveda makes balancing mists for all seven chakras. If this sounds too woo-woo for you, recall how great all Aveda products smell, then imagine inhaling them whenever you’re feeling lazy (chakra 3), creatively blocked (chakra 5) or a little sad (chakra 7). Surely, it’s worth a spritz.

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